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JULY 31, 2014
Bolender Horse Park, Home of Mark Bolender

Welcome to Bolender Horse Park, home of internationally recognized horseman Mark Bolender and the first permanent Extreme Mountain Trail course in the world.

Bolender Horse Park

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Bolender Horse Park is the home of Mark Bolender.  He is a nationally recognized horseman and instructor. He is also the country’s leading expert in Mountain Trail, Extreme Trail, and Competitive Trail, and a three-time National Grand Champion.

Mark combines his vast experience as a horseman and trainer with a stimulating presentation style. As a former professional speaker, Mark entertains and informs his audience about this growing sport and his new twist on horse training. Central to Mark’s training method is that, “Good horsemanship is not about domination but leadership, and having the horse volunteer for a partnership with the handler.”

Mountain Trail and Extreme Trail Course

Ground zero for Mountain Trail, Extreme Trail and Competitive Trail is Bolender Horse Park (BHP) in Silver Creek, Washington, which is owned and operated by Mark Bolender. BHP is actually designed around a training program for these disciplines. That’s in contrast to all other courses that are arranged so that the training program is tailored to the course itself. But Mark designed BHP to meet the needs of the horse and rider of any skill level in the sport. Thus, at any one time, amateurs and professionals alike can be found training for Mountain Trail and Extreme Trail at BHP because of this unique setup that boasts over 40 obstacles and nearly endless training potential.

Nowhere else but in BHP will a horse and rider be challenged so thoroughly with obstacles such as poles, water, low bridges, high bridges, logs, teeter-totter, rocks, Texas Two-steps, and a host of other important trail features designed to hone all of the skills needed for Mountain Trail and Extreme Trail riding and competition.

Mark riding through waterAnd since BHP was designed from the beginning with the needs of the horse and rider in mind, both learn quickly. Mark says, “Unity with your horse and the finest horsemanship techniques are integrated with the beautiful surroundings of our park, where the learning experience and the park are one.” In essence, BHP is for you and your horse, where you will learn world class horsemanship and at the same time understand so much more about your horse.

Whether you want to show, ride the scenic mountain trails or become an expert in Mountain Trail and Extreme Trail, Bolender Horse Park is the right place to visit. You’ll have an educational and rewarding experience and at the same time create some of the very best memories of your life.

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